Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is NaughtyBlog ?
A: NaughtyBlog is place for all porn fans who don't want to spend a lot of money for it. We are a group of people that aims to provide quality releases that satisfy your need for the fastest and latest porn releases.

Q: How can I download the file ?
A: All files can be downloaded directly from filehosting sites. It is easy and you need to just follow instructions on the site. Alternatively you can use download manager apps. We recommend JDownloader.

Q: How can I watch the downloaded video ?
A: If you are on PC (or MAC) you need to have proper media player installed. We recommend VLC. Equally on other devices you need to install proper media player first.

Q: Can I watch the video online ?
A: Yes, you can. If the video is uploaded on Keep2Share, you can watch it online on their site. All you need is Premium Pro account. Running servers capable of streaming videos on high quality (including 4K) is expensive, therefore no sane filehosting manager will offer it for free.

Q: Download speed is so slow. How can I make it faster ?
A: You are probably downloading as free user, therefore the download speed is limited by filehosting site. If you wish to download without limits, you need to buy premium account on the filehosting site. These premium accounts cost usually between 10-15$/month and allow you to download all our files with maximum speed (or even watch the video online). If you have premium account and still suffering with slow speed, your internet provider might be limiting your download speed. We recommend test your speed when you are not downloading anything and if the speed is slow, contact your internet provider.

Q: Is it legal to download these videos ?
A: That depends on your country and the laws of your country. However in most countries (including USA and EU) is illegal only sharing of such videos, not downloading. That is why we recommend using filehosting sites instead of torrents, you will not share anything. That being said we still recommend using VPN for any internet activity, including downloading files. You can find tips for reliable VPN services here.

Q: Video is deleted on filehosting. What should I do ?
A: First of all, try the spare links which should be on almost all of our posts. These links are protected by captcha and therefore hard to be detected by bot. If the captcha does not work for you, please contact us.
Please do not ask for reuploads, there is dozens of GBs uploaded every day and it is simply impossible to keep track of it. We recommend visit our site on a daily basis and download the content as soon as you can.

Q: What are these siterips and pornstar collections ?
A: Siterip is, well a rip of the porn site. We collect all videos from particular site and give it to you on one place. Similarly pornstar collection (or megapack) is collection of all videos of one actress. You can see list of all siterips here and list of all collections here

Q: I am looking for this particular pornstar or site releases. Where can I find it ?
A: You can always use our internal search above. Alternatively you can visit our list of all pornstars and all sites.

Q: There is this one porn site. Can you post their releases too ?
A: Certainly, if there is a site we are missing, let us know. Either via comments or our contact form.

Q: The info on the post is wrong. Can you fix it ?
A: If you notice on some of our posts, that either cover, description or links are wrong, let us know on the comments. Or use our contact form.

Q: How can I support you ?
A: As you know, we are group of people dedicated to bringing you the latest porn releases as soon as possible every day. That means group of people who are doing it as full time job. Add to it a server that can carry such big traffic and it is certain that the bills are big. If you wish to support our cause, the best you can do is buy premium account via any of our filehosting links. That way you can help us and enjoy unlimited downloads. If you want to support us other way (bitcoin, PP), please contact us.

Q: The ads here are bothering me. Can you get rid of it ?
A: We know that exaggerated advertising (such as popups) can be bothering for you. So we are keeping only small amount of ads (compared to other porn sites) to pay the bills. If the ads are still unpleasant for you, you can always use AdBlock. We will not punish you for that.

Q: How can I subscribe to your posts ?
A: We offer RSS feed for whole NaughtyBlog and for each category, tag, pornstar or site. You can simply click to button Subscribe. Alternatively you can use Feedly where you simply add the URL of your favourite category.

Q: Can I buy ads on your site ?
A: We are keeping only small amount of ads on our site to pay the bills. If your ad offer is non-aggressive (no popups, flash, sounds ...), you can contact us.

Q: Can we exchange links with my site ?
A: If your site is interesting and has solid traffic (Alexa rank under 50k), you can contact us and we will see.

Q: How can I contact you ?
A: You can use our contact form.

Q: I believe you store some copyrighted material. Can you delete it ?
A: First of all we do not store any files or images on our server. Therefore if you wish to delete some material the best you can do is contact directly the filehosting or imagehosting, they usually have abuse teams and can help you. If you still need our assistance, please use contact on our abuse page.

Q: Why do you guys rock so much?
A: Dunno, we are just doing it for the love for porn :) If you like NaughtyBlog, please share it on social medias (Like Reddit or Twitter) so more people will know about us.