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My Pervy Family - Slimthick Vic


Slimthick Vic - New Years Resolution Not Cumming Too Quick
Released: December 30, 2021

Shit was embarrassing for me (Diego Perez). My girlfriend dumped me because I'm a 2-pump chump. Premature ejaculator. You can understand why I didn't feel like going to a New Year's Eve party?? That didn't stop my hot step-aunt Slimthick Vic, from pestering me to go with her - my mom asked her to keep my spirits up over the holidays while she was visiting. I just wasn't in the mood. She basically interrogated me until I told her what my issue was... embarrassing & awkward! I was shocked when she told me she could help cure my problem! She said she would do it, but only on one condition... I had to do whatever she told me to do!! I wasn't in any position to argue (plus she is so hot I didn't want to argue lol) so when she told me to - I was nervous but did what she said! She then told me to jerk off right in front of her so I could cum and get it out of the way...

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My Pervy Family - Gracie Gates


Gracie Gates - Like Step-Father Like Step-Son
Released: January 20, 2022

When your stepsister is a devious teen, planting cameras on her is just good sense, insurance if you will. Sneaking out, smoking cigs - all par for the course with a brat like Gracie Gates. What I (Brick Danger) didn't expect was my stepsister getting absolutely railed by my stepdad and loving it. When I confronted her, she was shocked. But then she tied this weird reversal thing - she said I was perving on her with the cameras and that I was hard for her. She lifted up her skirt and showed me her panties, I didn't look but they were transparent and I could see a landing strip and some nice camel toe. She grabbed my cock over my shorts, accusing me of being hard - she was right...

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Touch My Wife - Katie Kingerie


EARLY LEAK Katie Kingerie - Seedy Stripper Hotel BBC Sex
Early Release: January 21, 2022

I married a stripper & I'm OK with that. I'm even OK with Katie Kingerie fucking other dudes. When she brings this young black stud Damion Dayski out from the strip club , you can tell she is excited to get fucked by this stranger . We go to this seedy hotel and they start making out together. He sucks on my wife's juicy tits and fingers her pussy until it's nice & wet. My wife is blown away by this random guy's massive black cock, she can barely get half of it in her mouth. As soon as he penetrates Katie's tight pussy she starts creaming up. She can't help but moan as he thrusts into her tiny hole. She pulls him out to suck more of her own pussy cream off his huge dick. When the stud takes my wife in doggy, she absolutely loves it and soaks his cock in her pussy juices. Guy then pounds my wife out in missionary before cumming directly in her pussy!

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My Pervy Family - Gracie Gates


Gracie Gates - It's Not What It Looks Like!!
Released: January 15, 2022

Gracie Gates is the kinda teen that gets men in trouble. Big natural tits, a curvy ass & eyes that twinkle. She's also my stepdaughter. The little brat never cleans up so when I (Filthy Rich) called her and told her to tidy up I expected it done. Unsurprisingly, she went to cheer practice instead. I needed to unwind and jerk one out, but the timing was off - Gracie walked in and caught me wanking it! I had to cover my tracks, this conversation wasn't going to be easy.

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My Pervy Family - Ashlyn Peaks


Ashlyn Peaks - Who Needs Your Father Anyway
Released: January 13, 2022

When my hot new stepmom Ashlyn Peaks frustratedly asks me (Tony Rubino) where the beverage is, I know something isn't right. I sit down with her to talk, trying not to focus on her massive knockers in that low-cut dress. She gets to telling me about how my dad doesn't give her any attention anymore and I bury him further by talking about the ex-wives & his shitty track record. I start complimenting my sexy stepmom and she gets all giggly with me. Before you know it, she is taking those enormous big naturals out of her dress, showing them off to me. She lets me squeeze & fondle her boobs some more and then I slide my finger into my stepmom's pussy - she is really tight! She sucks & slobbers on my big dick and lets me fuck her huge tits. She turns around, giving me a view of her phat ass as she slides that MILF pussy down on me, her tight pussy gets all greased up from my hard cock. We got all sweaty as we fuck, I thrust into my stepmom from behind making her orgasm better than my dad ever could. She lets me pull out and cum all over her pretty face. This will be our little secret!

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Touch My Wife - Ashlyn Peaks


EARLY LEAK Ashlyn Peaks - Wife Can't Take It Anymore
Released: January 14, 2022

My wife Ashlyn Peaks is so caring and kind. When my boy James Angel gets kicked out of his place by his girlfriend, Ashlyn is eager to comfort him. A little too eager if you ask me. I call her out when he is not around and it doesn't take her long to admit she'd like to suck my friend's cock. I tell her to cool off a bit so we can assess the situation out. A few days later, Ashlyn can't wait to 'comfort' James any longer, so she strips down and shows off her big naturals while he is showering. James soaps them up and plays with them before my wife gets down on her knees to suck his big black cock. Ashlyn tells him I want to watch them fuck, so they move to the bedroom. My boy eats my wife's pussy, she moans in ecstasy. She climbs on top of his dick and he pounds her, making her big naturals shake and jiggle. He fucks her from from behind, giving her an intense orgasm. James keeps slamming her wet pussy until he creampies her pussy. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

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My Pervy Family - Jessie Saint & Madison Summers


Jessie Saint & Madison Summers - Need A Towel?
Released: January 8, 2022

When Madison Summers gets dumped by her boyfriend, her bestie Jessie Saint tries to console her. Jessie likes girls so the consoling turns into convincing, but Madison makes excuses about needing to focus on her studies. Jessie leaves to go to the bathroom and catches a glimpse of Madison's stepbrother James Angel working out. She sneakily steals his towel when he is showering, leading to a not-so-chance encounter that leads to James' thick cock in Jessie's tight, wet teen pussy...

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My Pervy Family - Payton Preslee


Payton Preslee - Use Me
Released: January 6, 2022

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Touch My Wife - Evelyn Payne


EARLY LEAK Evelyn Payne - Caught Dick Handed
Early Release: January 7, 2022

My wife Evelyn Payne is a little blonde vixen and she gets around. She thinks I'm clueless as I watch her making out with her lover before going into his house. I call her, just to see where she'll say she is - she lies of course - saying she is consoling a girlfriend. So I stormed in on her sucking this guy's (Vic Hammer) cock. She doesn't even try to make excuses. I inspected her pussy and she got wet from giving him a blowjob. Horny little slut. I slam her face down on his cock, she gags it down her throat - her pussy gets wetter with every thrust. He starts fucking my wife while I slap her face & pinch her tits, she loves it. He drills her pussy from behind and I play with her asshole. She makes herself cum bouncing her tight pussy on his cock and then takes his load in her mouth. I love this game, can't wait to catch her cheating again!

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My Pervy Family - Jennifer White


Jennifer White - Stepsis Took My Rimjob Virginity
Released: January 1, 2022

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Touch My Wife - Slimthick Vic


Slimthick Vic - Wife Kissing BBC At Midnight
Released: December 31, 2021

New Year's Eve is always an excellent time of year - it makes my wife (Slim thick Vic) super horny. We're already out partying when I catch her freshening up in the bathroom. She is excited and wants to fuck. Her tits look incredible in that dress. Her pussy immaculate when I pull her panties down. Her backside looks like it came off an assembly line as I spread her out to take a good look at her holes. She's wet already. So when I find her kissing some strange black guy at midnight, I'm not surprised...

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My Pervy Family - Camila Cortez & Armani Black


Camila Cortez & Armani Black - An Unexpected Gift
Released: December 25, 2021

Christmas is always best with family. So when my wife Armani Black & stepdaughter Camila Cortez curled up on the couch with me to watch a holiday movie, I (Filthy Rich) couldn't have been happier. Until Camila started flashing her pussy & tits at me - her stepmother was right there! It's not the 1st time we've messed around, but this was just too risky! After all... I did't want to ruin Christmas with my wife finding out. So as hard as it was with her teasing me like this... I had to tell her no and sent her to bed. Once I was snuggled up in bed with my wife, I started dozing off dreaming about my naughty step-daughter lol. She must of known I was thinking about her cause she started texting me to come out and play! Against my better judgment I got out of bed... There she was in the cutest little Santa's helper outfit...

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My Pervy Family - Anna Chambers


Anna Chambers - Bailed Boyfriend
Released: December 23, 2021

My stepsister Anna Chambers' phat ass is always swallowing up things. She was resting on the couch & I couldn't find my vape, so I (Tyler Steel) checked where I always check when things go missing, Anna's ass. She didn't seem very pleased to be disturbed, but unsurprisingly the vape was basically inside her butthole. Not my fault her booty has its own gravity! Anyway, she was bitching at her boyfriend on the phone later, he never spends time with her, always at the gym bla bla bla... she didn't seem pleased with his responses and then all of sudden she wants to livestream her sucking my dick to piss him off! I thought for sure she was bluffing, but no she pulled it out and started gobbling my knob...

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Touch My Wife - Carmela Clutch


Carmela Clutch - Rimming In The Holidays With Chocolate Balls
Released: December 21, 2021

Carmela Clutch is a Latina goddess, with huge tits & a great ass. She also happens to be my wife. On Christmas Eve night, I've got a surprise for my hot wife. After a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant, we decide to walk up the stairwell a couple of floors to our floor. She is so hot walking in front of me, I can't help to get handsy with her. After some touching & squeezing, I lead to her our room, where I have a surprise waiting for her! Sexy holiday themed lingerie and a Christmas tree that I had the hotel staff put together while we were at dinner! But that's not the only surprise I have planned for her... I then pull out the big surprise - a black well hung stud named Jay Bangher...

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Black Massive Cocks - Lilly Hall


Lilly Hall - Black Massive Cocks
Released: December 16, 2021

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My Pervy Family - Sydney Paige


Sydney Paige - Cucking My Hubby With His Son
Released: December 18, 2021

This is hard for even me to admit, but my wife Sydney Steele & I did something... wrong. While we're messing around, she brought up how I told her about having a fantasy of watching another man fucking her. This was pretty cool until she told me she wanted to do it... with my son, Johnny The Kid. I guess he looks like me and she had caught him checking her out on numerous occasions. I mean technically, she's just his stepmom... She wants me to film. Johnny seems shocked but willing. She sucks his big cock and then Johnny eats his stepmom's hairy pussy. He starts fucking her, making her cum all over his dick. She teases me as she sucks & fucks her stepson until he pulls out and cums over and in her pussy. Not exactly what I expected, but can't deny my boy fucked her good!

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