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Touch My Wife - Gaby Ortega


EARLY LEAK Gaby Ortega - Hotel + Horny Hotwife = Great Vacation!
Released: August 12, 2022

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Touch My Wife - Nami Lee


EARLY LEAK Nami Lee - Shy Asian Wife 1st BBC Swing
Early Release: September 23, 2022

My Asian wife Nami Lee has never been with a black man before. She is so nervous, but I'm excited. I've always wanted to watch her get railed by a BBC. After a little pep talk & some touching, she gathers the nerve to go into the bedroom where Jay Bangher is waiting. They make out for a bit and then my wife unleashes his beast. Jay's BBC is huge and my wife looks overwhelmed as she uses both hands to jerk & suck his big dick. I touch Nami while she blows him and you can tell she is liking all the stimulation. Jay teases her anxious pussy and then slowly penetrates her, my wife's pussy gets absolutely creamed up after some thrusting. She tells me how it feels and we hold hands as Jay spreads her little out wide with his thick meat. Nami's little hole leaks throughout the big cock pounding as she cums over & over with this strange man. Finally, my wife sucks his balls & jerks his dick until he pops in her mouth and she swallows it all. Fantasy fulfilled!

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Touch My Wife - Briana Banderas


EARLY LEAK Briana Banderas - Pre-Party Poolside & Pussy Penetrating Fun
Early Release: September 2, 2022

My bud Filthy Rich is down for Labor Day weekend & he is on the prowl. Rich & his wife are having issues as he wants to use this getaway as an opportunity to get some new pussy. He's all excited about the party later but can't stop staring at my wife Briana Banderas. I tell him maybe he doesn't have to wait until the party to get laid and invite Briana oiver to get to know him better. Rich is mesmerized with my wife's perfect body as he kisses her & pulls her massive tits out. He eats Briana's pussy & even licks her asshole right in front of me! Briana takes Rich's big cock deep in her throat and then spreads herself wide to get her hole fucked. My bud rough-fucks my wife, her big boobs flopping around everywhere. Rich pounds my wife's hairy cunt making her cum over & over until he nuts all over her bush. There wasn't much labor involved with this one!

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Touch My Wife - Leana Lovings


EARLY LEAK Leana Lovings - Caught Lying In Our Own Home
Early Release: September 16, 2022

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Touch My Wife - Lily Starfire


EARLY LEAK Lily Starfire - Wife Gets Personal With Our Trainer
Early Release: August 19, 2022

It's hard to keep a hotwife like Lily Starfire satisfied. I try my best, but a girl has her needs - ya know? When I get a video from her while I'm away, I know it's going to be good. Lily is with her personal trainer & while she is already built like a goddess, my wife likes the up close & personal contact. I watch Danny Steele, her trainer, try to maintain himself while he instructs my wife to bend & stretch for him. Lily keeps pushing for a deeper session and when Danny finally gets the hint he is down. He films as my wife as she sucks his big dick. You can tell Danny is a personal trainer the way he handles my wife. He fucks her hard, making her sweat and tits boucne everywhere. Danny takes my wife from behind and pounds her hard so I can watch her amazing ass move. Danny slams my wife to multiple orgasms before cumming in her gooey pussy. Satisfied? She was!

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Touch My Wife - Kenzie Love


EARLY LEAK Kenzie Love - Baby...You Brought Him Back for Me?!?!
Early Release: September 9, 2022

Kenzie Love is a little nymph. Amazing eyes...tits and ass, of course too! We come back late from partying and are fooling around and she starts talking about this black guy she saw at the club. She says it'd turn her on to get fucked by his big cock while I watch her. I have to say, she is getting me going & her hot pussy is soaked just talking about this fantasy. When she goes to shower, I decide to surprise her by bringing Haitian Fresh, the stud from the bar home. Kenzie is so cute asking for permission to suck his cock. She jerks him off and he face-fucks her and then she tells us she is super wet. I finger her while she blows him. The stud penetrates my hotwife from behind and she moans as he stretches her pussy out. My wife doesn't stop looking at me with her pretty eyes and she cums over & over on this stranger's big dick. She uses two hands to jerk his cock before he mounts her and she begs for his nut. Haitian creampies my wife's pretty pussy, shooting his seed deep inside her.

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Touch My Wife - Anna Claire Clouds


EARLY LEAK Anna Claire Clouds - Fucking Her Ex In Front of Me
Released: August 26, 2022

Anna Claire Clouds is a firecracker and the love of my life. My wife & I like roleplaying & Anna likes to tell me about fucking her ex-boyfriend while we get it on. I guess this planted a seed in her mind because now she wants to fuck her ex Jay Bangher in front of me. Jay is a big black guy and while I'm a little hesitant, seeing this angel railed by a massive BBC is too alluring. Friday night arrives and Jay comes over - my wife is eager to see his cock again.

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Touch My Wife - Josie Tucker


EARLY LEAK Josie Tucker - Watch This Bitch
Released: August 5, 2022

Payback is dirty bitch. And so is my young wife Josie Tucker. When I get a video of her laying around the pool with some strange guy called Brian OMally, I know what this is about. She found a video of me banging some slut and this was her chance to get back at me. Fuck! She tells me his cock is bigger than mine as she lets him grope her amazing tits. She has to use both hands for his fat cock as she slurps on it and degrades me. Brian stretches out her hole as I get a view of her perfect tits bouncing. My wife's pussy starts creaming when he fucks her from behind - her favorite. He finishes her in missionary and she lets him cum right in her shaved pussy! Like I said, payback is a dirty, creampied bitch!

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Touch My Wife - Sweet Sophia


EARLY LEAK Sweet Sophia - Wife's BBC Anal Training
Released: July 29, 2022

My wife Sweet Sophia is hot, young & soon-to-be full of cum. She's constantly scheming up new ways to get herself off - with or without me! She looks incredible in her crop top & panties when she comes sniffing around me. I know she is up to something so when she pulls out a big anal plug I'm less than shocked. She has been training her ass so it can get stretched out by a big black cock. She lets me bury the toy deep in her ass while she rubs her little pussy, getting herself nice & wet.

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Touch My Wife - Demi Diveena


EARLY LEAK Demi Diveena - New House & BBC For The Wifey
Released: July 22, 2022

Cheers to us! We finally closed on our new home and it's time to celebrate. Our real estate agent Jay Bangher is over and we're letting loose in the new pool with a few beverages. My wife Demi Diveena confides to me that she might want to fuck Jay. Demi looks incredible in her little bikini, and I doubt Jay has the power to resist her. I let him know we want to show him some appreciation for helping through the closing process.

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Touch My Wife - Chanel Brooks


EARLY LEAK Chanel Brooks - Baby... Can He Cum In My Ass?
Early Release: July 15, 2022

We're finally going to do it. My wife Chanel Brooks and I are going to take the leap - she is going to fuck a stranger and let me watch. We got out to a club and a balck guy named Jamie Knoxx catches her eye, she convinces him to come back with us. I watch as he gropes & feels my wife, she seems to like it. She seems to like his thick black dick even more as she strokes & sucks it. My wife takes her panties off and lets this virtual stranger penetrate her tight pussy. He pounds my wife hard and makes her cum and then she sits on his fat cock and makes herself orgasm again...

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Touch My Wife - Vivianne DeSilva


EARLY LEAK Vivianne DeSilva - Wife Welcomes Our New Neighbor
Early Release: July 8, 2022

When a new neighbor moves next door, my wife Vivianne DeSilva has her eye on him. We invite him over to our pool and give him an opportunity to rub down my wife, which he takes right away. She's a little shy, but after James Angel has basically felt her up for a good 10 minutes, she's ready to loosen up. They start making out which leads to my wife wanting to see his cock which leads to her getting properly face-fucked. He licks & kisses my wife's pussy before sticking his big cock inside of her. James comes down heavy on my wife, making her big tits bounce as he fucks her. She climbs on top of our new neighbor & rides him until she cums hard. James takes my baby from behind, spanking her cute ass he slams her pussy. Vivianne let's our new neighbor spunk all over her face & swallows what she can. Can't say we aren't welcoming!

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Touch My Wife - Kiki Vidis


EARLY LEAK Kiki Vidis - Round # 2
Early Release: June 24, 2022

My hot little Aussie wife Kiki Vidis gets up from an orgasm-filled night with another man. He's in the shower and Kiki is still horny, but she's a little shy. I take her to the bathroom, knowing Filthy Rich isn't going to deny my petite bombshell. She gets in with him... they start kissing & making out which leads to Kiki jerking him off and then getting on her knees to put his fat dick in her mouth. We bend her over & inspect her pussy - it's dripping - before we take her back to the bedroom. I spread my wife's cheeks as Rich penetrates her with his big cock. I have to cover her mouth to keep her from moaning loudly as he thrusts her to orgasm. She bounces her cute little ass all over his dick, her pussy is totally soaked now. Rich power fucks my hotwife before pulling out and cumming all her over beautiful body.

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Touch My Wife - Mandy Rhea


EARLY LEAK Mandy Rhea - Creampie Finish For Father's Day Cuck
Early Release: June 17, 2022

I fucking love a woman in heels & a lowcut top headed for work. Especially my wife Mandy Rhea. I paid for those tits and they are AMAZING. But she won't let me have any right now. She says I have to wait until Father's Day & I'll get my surprise. The glorious day arrives and this MILF is barely wearing this hot new lingerie she bought for the special occasion. I'm getting all riled up when she reveals the REAL surprise. His name is Jonathan Jordan and he is hung! Mandy seems impressed with his big black cock as she struggles to fit in her mouth. The stud finally penetrates my wife & stretches her hole good, Mandy creams up all over his dick. She takes the time to slurp her own juices off his cock before climbing aboard it for another orgasm. Jonathan slams my wife hard, splitting her open & making her cum again before he nuts right inside her. Mandy shows off the load and lets it drip out her hole. Happy Father's Day!

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Touch My Wife - Dixie Lynn


EARLY LEAK Dixie Lynn - Treat My Young Wife Like A Whore
Released: June 10, 2022

Disclaimer: Fictional story with actors who are consenting adults

My young wife Dixie Lynn is a freak who loves big cock. I have to keep her properly supplied if I hope to hold on to her. We sneak Dwayne Foxxx over to our place, this black guy we know who is hung! Once we're convinced the neighbors didn't see him - I start playing with her pussy, getting her revved up for the stud. He sucks my wife's perky little tits before she gets on her knees to try and swallow him - she can barely fit his thick meat in her stretched open little mouth.

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Touch My Wife - Syren De Mer


Syren De Mer - Wife Likes Dark Meat
Released: June 3, 2022

My hotwife Syren De Mer is a curvy goddess with an appetite for big cock. When we invite over this stud Brickzilla, it doesn't take long for her to get handsy with him. I find them in the hot tub, my wife is already sizing him up. She touches & squeezes it through his shorts, getting herself very excited. She lets Brick pay with her big tits before finally pulling out his cock - the look of awe on her face is priceless. She uses both her hands to jerk & worship this bull's giant cock.

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